Earn Solid Returns with Passive Investing Through Real Estate!!

Interested in learning more about earning solid returns with your hard-earned dollars through real estate? Contact us at Full Disclosure LLC to find out more about our operations and investment opportunities.  We are looking for debt and/or equity partners on real estate secured deals?  Tired of your low return investments in the stock market (or other traditional places)…  fill out the short information form below or give us a call at 361-695-1943 to learn about the options we offer

Yes, this really is the same kitchen

Passive Investing in Real Estate

So how can you work with us?

We can only qualify for so many bank loans and we also have a limited amount of $$ for rehabbing our properties. That’s where you come in. With your passive $$ investment we can follow our leads and successfully buy & sell more properties. We find and negotiate a deal, we contact you and discuss where we can go with it and our timeline and you decide if you want to fund the deal with us. When you fund a deal with us you receive the 1st lien position on the property ( so you are the bank). You are protected if we do not perform as agreed upon. Just like the bank, you get the documents you need to secure the property and the insurance coverage in your name at the closing with our attorney.

Once we dispose of property ( sell for a profit) you receive your entire principal plus any rehab funds provided to us. In addition, during the period we hold the property you are accruing double-digit simple interest that is also paid at the sale of the property.

So essentially, for the use of your money for a relatively short time period you preserve your prinicpal and make a significant return on your money. At that point we recommend you RINSE & REPEAT and join us in a new deal.

Again contact us and we’ll explain more about what we do at Full Disclosure LLC, and see if there’s a fit for you. And we’d also like to learn about you and your goals. Find out what we can do in helping you to make those higher than average returns on your money.

This is not a solicitation and we a fully SEC compliant at Full Disclosure LLC.  We work with qualified and accredited investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

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